Flamingo February Product Update: Half Days

Andrew Buck's avatar Andrew Buck February 21, 2023

We’ve just released a new, much-requested feature for Flamingo: half days.

Team members can now request a half day off through the app, as opposed to only being able to request leave in full-day increments.

The feature is optional, so you can choose whether or not to enable it in your organization.

Keep reading to learn more about how half day leaves work in Flamingo.

Enabling Half Days

By default, you’ll find half days are disabled. However, you can turn this feature on in one click.

Just go to your organization settings (the Settings link in the header), toggle Half days on, and Save.

Requesting a Half Day Leave

Once you turn it on, you’ll see half days as an option whenever you add leave through the web app, or add/request leave through Slack, if you’ve selected the date range of a single day.

It will give you three options:

Here’s how it will look when you request leave through Slack:

You can keep it as the default to request a full day’s leave, or specify which part of the day the leave request will apply to.


Half day leaves will show on the timeline as a half-circle, covering half of the day on which leave is planned for.

For reporting, a half day leave will be counted as 0.5 days in the person’s leave quota, like such:

We’ll also note in your daily/weekly Slack notifications if someone has requested a half day leave, and whether it’s for the morning or afternoon.

To read more about the half day leave request feature, check out this help article.

What’s Next?

We’re working on more awesome features to help you get more value out of Flamingo.

This includes:

Your feedback is incredibly valuable for us as we keep shaping and improving our product. If you have any comments you’d like to share, or anything you’d love to see us add next, get in touch via the chat bubble in the web app, or through our contact form.

Andrew Buck's avatar

Andrew Buck

Andrew is the content manager at Flamingo. He has managed teams in multiple industries, for both physical and remote businesses, and has experience dealing with the ins and outs of HR and leave management on a daily basis.

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