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Deep Slack Integration

Request & approve leaves directly from Slack. Automatically set employees’ Slack status when they’re on leave. Check leave statistics using Slack commands. Send leave notifications to public Slack channels, and more …

Beautiful Web App

The Flamingo web app lets you view your organization’s monthly or yearly leave at a glance. You can also view people’s leave reports, and configure Flamingo to your needs - from your teams’ leave policies to leave types and public holidays.

Calendar Integration

We know it’s important that your team stays informed of members taking time off. Flamingo creates a calendar feed of leaves and public holidays that you can import into Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar.

Flexible Leave Policies

Flamingo can be fully customized to your organization’s needs. Create any number of teams and leave types, with their unique policies. Choose unlimited leave, or a set number of days per type. Roll over unused leave into the next calendar year (or don’t), and much more.

Public Holidays

No matter if your entire organization is based in one country, or if you’re spread across the globe, Flamingo has your back. Add public holidays from any country, and decide which to observe, with just a few clicks. You can even create custom holidays.

Per-Person Leave Policies

Do different people in your organization have different leave allowances, such as seniority-based or based on their employment contract? Flamingo lets you customize each person’s leave policies and public holidays individually.



Flamingo supports customizable leave accruals. Using this feature, employees will accrue leave over time. Choose to accrue leave every week, 2 weeks, monthly or quarterly.


Data Export

Do you need to export data, such as for accounting or payroll purposes? Flamingo lets you export detailed reports of your organization’s leave history for each month and calendar year.


Fast & Friendly Support

Questions? Problems? Our support team is manned by native English speakers who provide fast and friendly help on weekdays.

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