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Vacation tracking made easy.


Requesting time off shouldn't feel weird

Employees can view their remaining PTO balance and all past & upcoming leaves in our dashboard.

Requesting vacation using the Slack or web app is straightforward & fast. Once a vacation request is approved, the employee will be notified immediately.


Effortless & accurate

Once your team gets to a certain size, leave management using spreadsheets and manual data entry gets cumbersome.

Our automated vacation tracker takes all the stress out of planning - it's accurate and easy to use.

Managers will get notified of leave requests and can approve/deny them with a single click.

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Tailored to your team's needs.

Flexible leave policies

Configure unlimited leave types (paid time off, sick leave, maternity leave, working from home...) with dedicated policies. Set up any number of teams or departments. Roll over unused leave into the next year (or don't), and more.

Leave tracker for global teams

Flamingo works for both remote and in-office teams, no matter if everyone resides in one country, or is spread across the globe.

Import public holidays from any country, and set up different policies based on which country your employees live in.

Accruals, per-person policies & more

Our vacation tracker comes with tons of customization options.

Set up leave accruals, switch to a 4-day work week, grant your engineering department unlimited PTO, give bonus days off, create per-person policies for individual team

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Gain clarity, and avoid leave scheduling conflicts.

Vacation Dashboard

Our vacation tracking dashboard helps you avoid accidental gaps in coverage. It lets you view a timeline of who's currently on leave, and who's going on leave in the future, so managers/HR can make better decisions when approving leave.

Calendar sync

Sync your team's leave with Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Calendar, so your whole team stays in the loop.

Leave notifications & reports

Customize daily/weekly notifications about upcoming leaves. Download time off reports for payroll purposes, and more.

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