November Product Updates in Flamingo – Roll Over Unused Leave

Andrew Buck's avatar Andrew Buck November 9, 2022

Hey! It’s another update with the latest new features added to Flamingo.

If you’re managing a business that uses Slack, and/or responsible for HR tasks like leave management, we’re dedicated to making your life easier.

Along with some small tweaks to make everything – from the Flamingo web app to the Slack integration – smoother and easier to use, the big addition to the app this month is leave rollovers.

This will ensure you have no disruptions to your leave tracking process when the calendar ticks over to 2023.

Read on to learn how this feature works in Flamingo.

How Leave Rollovers Work

For each leave type in your team’s leave policy, you can choose whether or not to roll over unused leave into the following year.

You can choose between the following settings:

If enabled, any rollover days will be added to the employee’s leave allotment the following year.

Here’s an example to show how it works.

Let’s say Sarah, one of your team members, has 15 days of PTO she can use each year, and you’ve enabled rollovers for this leave type.

The year ends, and she’s only used 8 days – and still has 7 days remaining.

The following year, she’ll have 22 days of PTO available – the normal 15 days per year from your leave policy, plus 7 days carried over.

Let’s take the same situation, except rollovers for PTO are capped at a maximum of 5 rollover days per year.

In this case, she will have 20 days of PTO available in the following year – 15 days, plus 5 (the maximum number of unused leave days she can take to the next year).

On the other hand, if you disable rollovers, Sarah will start the new year with 15 days of PTO available, no matter how many days off she took the previous year.

Enabling Rollovers for Each Leave Type

Here’s how to enable and customize leave rollovers in your team.

Start by going to your team settings. You can get here by clicking the gear icon next to the team name on the timeline, or by clicking “teams” in the header, then selecting the team you want to edit.

When you’re in the team settings, click on the Leave Policy heading.

You’ll see each leave type has the option to “Roll over unused leave to next year”.

The only exception is if you allow unlimited leave days for that leave type, in which case rollovers don’t apply.

Click the toggle to turn rollovers on/off.

From here, you can choose to allow unlimited days to carry over, or set a max limit of roll over days.

Set it up how you like, and be sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

These settings will apply to this team only – so if you have multiple teams, be sure to customize it for each.

Up Next

Are there any features you’d like to see added to Flamingo next?

If so, let us know! You can get in touch with us via contact form here, or by emailing hi[at]

We’d love to hear what your team needs to run more effectively. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Thanks, from the Flamingo Team 🙂

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Andrew Buck

Andrew is the content manager at Flamingo. He has managed teams in multiple industries, for both physical and remote businesses, and has experience dealing with the ins and outs of HR and leave management on a daily basis.

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