Streamlining Team Leave Management with Flamingo: A Case Study of Dynamite Jobs

Andrew Buck's avatar Andrew Buck February 13, 2023

Pictured: Dynamite Jobs team at DCMEX, 2021.

The following is a case study of how Dynamite Jobs used Flamingo to improve their leave management system. Like many modern teams, Dynamite Jobs had the problem where employees weren’t taking enough leave, due to unclear expectations and confusion in how to request PTO.

Flamingo gave their team members an easy way to ask for time off, while keeping the rest of the team constantly in the loop. The result was a more empowered team, an increase in the amount of annual leave taken by each team member, and a better system for tracking and managing paid time off.

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Introduction and Background

Dynamite Jobs, established in 2017, is a remote job board that specializes in showcasing unique job opportunities from companies with remote-first cultures.

In its early days, as a small, remote-first team, tracking paid time off was not a priority for Dynamite Jobs. In 2019, when the team consisted of only three members, there was no formal system to manage paid time off, despite the company’s policy of offering unlimited time off and requiring team members to take at least 10 days off per year. This resulted in confusion about how to request a leave, and as a consequence, employees were not taking enough time off.

As the company and the team scaled over the years, it became increasingly challenging for new members to understand the process for requesting time off. This led to the need for a system to be implemented to provide visibility into time off requests and ensure the team took enough time away from the desk. The aim was also to provide a clear way for team members to communicate their absence and for coverage arrangements if needed. 


To improve tracking and sharing of paid time off among the entire team, Dynamite Jobs decided to implement Flamingo, a Slack Vacation Tracker designed specifically for remote teams to manage their leaves. The ease of integration with Slack was a major factor in their choice of Flamingo.

One of the key features that drew Dynamite Jobs to Flamingo was the ability to integrate with multiple calendar software, as well as enabling them to not only track vacation leaves, but also sick leaves and travel leaves. Additionally, the app provides a clear and easily accessible communication channel to inform the entire team of any team member’s absence.

Following the implementation of Flamingo into Dynamite Jobs’ Slack workspace, the team was quickly onboarded and learned how to use the application to request paid leave. The implementation provided the team with a streamlined and clear path for communicating their absence, eliminating any confusion and making it a less taboo topic.


The implementation of Flamingo as a solution to track paid time off had several key impacts on Dynamite Jobs:

Increased Transparency: With Flamingo, the entire team has visibility into who is taking time off, allowing for more informed decision-making when it comes to covering projects.

Improved Time Off Statistics: Prior to Flamingo, there was limited information available on time off taken by the team. However, since implementing Flamingo, the average number of days off per employee has increased to 15 per year (not including holidays). 

Empowered Employees: The Flamingo application enables each employee to track and request their own time off, ensuring they can take a minimum of 10 days off per year, as required by Dynamite Jobs.

“As our company and team continue to expand, it’s vital for us to build more systems to organize all aspects of our operations. Flamingo has made a significant impact by providing us with an effortless solution for establishing a clear system for leave planning. The app is user-friendly, making it simple for our team members to keep track of their time off, and the integration process was seamless.” – Lina Castro, Operations Manager at Dynamite Jobs.

What Flamingo Does For Your Business

Flamingo has helped hundreds of organizations like Dynamite Jobs create a clear and simple process for requesting and managing paid time off.

Flamingo allows you to:

Flamingo is free to try, and remains free indefinitely for small teams. It’s the best way for teams who run on Slack to manage their paid time off processes, and helps you build a more efficient, happier, and more productive team.

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Andrew Buck

Andrew is the content manager at Flamingo. He has managed teams in multiple industries, for both physical and remote businesses, and has experience dealing with the ins and outs of HR and leave management on a daily basis.

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