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Founded in 2021, Flamingo App is a team of talented & passionate folks with the goal of taking the pain out of all things leave management.

The Flamingo App team is utilizing their own experience of working remotely for over a decade to build a best-in-breed vacation tracker, that is a huge step up from using spreadsheets, while not being overcomplicated & expensive like other enterprises HR suites.

David Hehenberger from FlamingoApp

David Hehenberger

David is the founder of Flamingo App. David started working remotely in 2010. As a serial entrepreneur, he has built & exited a number of software businesses, including two SaaS startups in the e-commerce space.

David founded Flamingo App in early 2021, after struggling to track his own team's vacation using spreadsheets.

David wears many hats, but mostly helps the Flamingo App team with UX, product management and marketing.

In his free-time, he enjoys playing pickle ball and photography.

Andrew Buck from FlamingoApp

Andrew Buck

After working in various HR & management roles at a supermarket company in New Zealand, Andrew moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2017.

Andrew is in charge of many marketing initiatives at Flamingo App, including the amazing content you'll find on our blog. On our blog, Andrew shares what he's learned on topics like remote work, leave management & HR during his own career, or from talking to users.

Andrew is passionate about sports, in particular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and photography.

Seth Phat (Seth Sandaru) from FlamingoApp

Seth is a talented senior developer working on Flamingo App. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he is passionate about all things software development & technologies.

Seth has built some incredible high-performance & high-traffic software products in the past, and loves contributing to open source software. He's active on GitHub, and is a Laravel Core contributor. Further, Seth actively blogs. Check out his latest work RenderPDF.io

A lover of Vietnamese milk coffee (Cafe Sua Da), Seth enjoys playing video games and cosplay in his free-time.

Gavin O Hanlon from FlamingoApp

Gavin O Hanlon

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Gavin is in charge of customer support at Flamingo App. Every day, Gavin is doing everything he can to help customers succeed.

After a stint in the Philippines as a scuba dive instructor, Gavin made a career switch to help SaaS businesses deliver delightful customer support and moved back to Ireland.

In his free-time, Gavin enjoys walking his dog, lifting weights and cooking vegan food.

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Flamingo is a leave management solution built for modern teams.

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