Senior Full Stack Developer

About us

Hi, my name is David Hehenberger. I’m the founder of Flamingo.

We’re a small team that builds, grows and operates a portfolio of successful SaaS products, including:

This job is a chance to grow a dynamic, small product team, while we are in the early stages of building a new product that will delight customers.

About Flamingo

At Flamingo, we’re building software that helps remote teams work better together. I’ve worked remotely while traveling the world since 2010 and I’m building a product to “scratch my own itch”.

Our first product is a leave management (=vacation planning) tool. Our goal is to reduce employee burnout and boost employee happiness by making it easy to request leave, and by reminding employees that forgot to take their vacation.

Longer term, we have a much bigger vision. Covid-19 made it clear that remote work is the future, and I believe there’ll continue to be growing demands for user-friendly tools built from the ground up for remote teams.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a track record. I’m taking everything I’ve learned in 10 years of running a business and applying it to Flamingo.

This is a chance to help shape & architect a brand new SaaS product, while working with an experienced team that has built multiple successful businesses before.

The Job

I’m looking for a talented, experienced PHP developer to help build Flamingo. You’ll be working directly with our lead developer and me on building our v1.

Once we launch the v1, you’ll continue working and iterating on Flamingo. We’ll continue to improve the product based on our customer feedback as we scale.

The Flamingo tech stack includes:

This job is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to be micro-managed. The ideal candidate prefers shipping code over attending meetings.


You will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting on Flamingo. You’ll be managed by a lead dev, who will help make architectural decisions and review your pull requests, but you’ll be expected to build core functionality of the application by yourself.

You’ll be able to set your own hours – no time tracking etc. You’ll provide a written report at the end of the day and attend 1-2 weekly phone calls, but most of your time will be spent building.

Examples of what you might be working on:


Bonus points:

This is a chance to help shape the product direction of a brand new SaaS company. If you have good ideas & opinions, we’ll listen.

The offer

We’re a small team, and your work will have a big impact. Our work environment is second to none – we’re a kind, respectful bunch. You’ll be evaluated based on your performance, not your race, gender, sexual orientation or political believes.

I hope to hear from you.

-David Hehenberger, Founder