Employee Leave Tracker for Modern Teams

Flamingo’s leave tracking software saves you time and boosts organization and productivity. It fits remote, hybrid or in-person teams of any size, with any kind of leave policy, and makes your life easier by fitting into your existing workflow, instead of splitting your team’s attention between multiple apps.

Why You Need a Leave Tracking Software

A leave tracker or vacation tracker software makes your business more efficient.

It saves time by automating data entry, admin work and reporting, letting you focus on more important tasks.

The Four Key Benefits of Using Flamingo’s Leave Tracker

Remove human error, like forgotten leave requests or misrecorded leaves.

Create a streamlined workflow, integrating with key tools and platforms like Slack, Google Calendar and more.

Automate time-consuming tasks involved with leave management.

Maintain productivity by keeping everyone in the loop with upcoming leaves and holidays.

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Flamingo is suitable for all businesses – whether you’re a small, early-stage startup, or an enterprise-level team.

The bigger your team, the more time you save by automating your leave management process, and the more value you get from using an app to track leave.

Leave Tracking For Small Businesses & Early Stage Startups

In a small business, every minute of your time and every piece of your energy is valuable.

The more data entry and busywork you have to do, the less energy you have for tasks that directly affect growth.

At this stage, you should automate anything you can. There’s no reason to spend even an hour a week on data entry, if a tool can do this for you.

Employee Leave Tracker Software vs Excel & Google Sheets

Many small businesses use a Google Sheets or Excel leave tracker to track paid time off.

Why not automate this process?

A modern leave management tool like Flamingo does everything a spreadsheet does for a fraction of the work. Best of all, it scales with you. As your business grows, your leave management system keeps up with you.

The larger your business, the more value you get from using Flamingo to manage and track leaves.
With a spreadsheet, you’ll soon reach a tipping point where you need to change to a different system.

Leave Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Want to start tracking leave with a spreadsheet instead? Download our free template to add to Google Sheets or Excel, and customize it to fit your team.

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Leave Tracking For Mid-Sized Businesses

When you have a double-digit or low triple-digit headcount, productivity and efficiency are vital.

Inefficient processes sap your profits and can result in missed deadlines, poor service and lost clients or customers.

A leave tracker ensures a key part of your business is hands-off and automated.

You’ll save time managing leave requests. Better yet, you’ll avoid scheduling conflicts and maintain productivity whenever team members go on leave.

  • Flamingo’s vacation tracker dashboard keeps managers updated with all approved and pending leaves.
  • You can sync Flamingo with calendar apps (Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar) to minimize task switching.
  • Automatic notifications for employee leaves and official holidays keeps everyone in the loop and avoids confusion.

Leave Tracking For Large Businesses

Flamingo is perfect for large businesses where human resources and compliance matter most.

Deep, automated reporting gives your HR manager key insights into employee attendance, absences, and helps identify trends to follow up on.

Export all the data you need as a CSV, or view leave reports in just a few clicks via the web app.

Flamingo is built to improve employee wellness. Whatever insights you need to ensure all your employees are happy, healthy and avoid burning out, Flamingo has it.

Our tool also supports extensive customization to fit your needs:

Set up multiple teams, for different departments or branches of your organization.

Create different locations with their own holidays and leave policies, to fit global teams.

Customize leave types, from sick leave to parental leave to half day leaves.

Override team-wide settings for employees with their own schedule or leave policy.

Need a specific feature to make Flamingo work for your company?
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How Flamingo Works

Here’s a step-by-step look at how Flamingo’s vacation tracker streamlines your leave management system.

  • Employees request leave through a simple request form.
  • Leave requests are sent to the necessary manager for approval.
  • Once the request is approved, Flamingo updates your leave calendar and the employee’s leave balance.
  • Flamingo keeps everyone updated by syncing leaves with your calendar and sending customizable daily and/or weekly notifications with upcoming leaves and holidays.
  • Employees can view their outstanding leave balance, past and upcoming leaves, and make a new request from their own dedicated hub.
  • Managers do the same to get the information they need to approve or deny requests, avoid scheduling conflicts and identify trends, all at a glance.
  • Get reports on-demand through the Flamingo web app or smart commands in Slack. All data and reports are downloadable via CSV export.

Flamingo is the Leave Management System for Agile Companies

Automating your leave management system saves time, frees up headspace and reduces errors.

All this contributes to helping you build a more productive team and a positive company culture.

It lets your business stay light on its feet, with key staff focused on higher-leverage tasks.

It removes confusion, such as the wrong leave balances, multiple employees taking leave at the same time or surprise absences, all of which cause frustration and delays.

It’s customizable to fit modern businesses, whether you’re hybrid or remote, local or global.

Key Features of Our Best-In-Class PTO Tracker:

Deep Slack Integration

Manage the entire process within Slack, from leave requests and approvals to automated notifications and reports.

Beautiful Web App

View your leave calendar, approve leave requests, manage requests and view reports in a clean and easy-to-use web interface.

Calendar Integration

Sync with your calendar app of choice to integrate Flamingo with your existing workflow.

Flexible Leave Policies

Flamingo fits any leave policy, limited or unlimited, customized rollovers and more.

Public Holidays

One click import public holidays from any country. Set up multiple locations with their own holidays for worldwide teams.

Per-Person Leave Policies

Set each person’s leave quota and working days individually, to fit part-time employees, employees with unique contracts, or any other edge cases.

Accruals (Coming Soon)

You have the option to set leave balances to accrue over time, or simply give each employee a set figure each year.

Data Export

Export all the data you need, such as for payroll and accounting purposes, in detailed CSV reports.

Fast & Friendly Support

Our native English speaking support team is always happy to help with any issues, problems or questions that might arise.

“I truly love the leave dashboard – I’ve synced it with Google Calendar so I know when everyone is gone. That’s my favorite feature (plus end of year audits).”

Dan Andrews/TropicalMBA

High-performing teams need efficient processes. Improving your leave management system and cutting out the busywork for you or your HR team is a great way to build a more efficient, productive and energized team.

Try Flamingo today – it’s free to try, and takes just five minutes to set up for your team. You’ll lay the foundation for a better company culture in the time it takes to brew your morning coffee.

Run a more productive team with Flamingo.

Flamingo streamlines leave management, letting you spend less time managing paid time off and more time growing your business

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