The Best Vacation Tracker App for Slack Teams

Flamingo’s Vacation Tracker is the best way for Slack teams to manage paid time off. It streamlines your HR workflow, saves you hours of work each day, and helps you run a healthier and more productive team.

Four Reasons to Use a Vacation Tracking Software

1: Make it easy for employees to take vacation time

Vacations help your team members be more engaged and more productive at work. You should want to make it easy for your staff to take their paid time off.

A vacation tracker takes away the friction in the leave request process. It makes it easy and straightforward to request time off, resulting in happier, healthier. well-rested employees.

2: Spend less time managing paid time off

Tracking vacation time, filing time off requests and updating employee leave balances requires time-consuming data entry. You (or your HR team) should have this time back to spend on tasks with higher ROI.

A vacation tracker app automates much of this work, and seriously speeds up your workflow, by giving you a simple administrator dashboard to manage everything from. You’ll save a ton of time, and the bigger your team, the more time you save.

3: Maintain productivity when employees go on vacation

Even though you should want employees to take vacation time, you still have productivity measures to hit, clients to serve and projects to finish. You need to keep your team running even when key team members take time off.

A vacation tracker software keeps everyone informed of upcoming leaves, and allows you to manage your schedule to ensure you don’t get too many people off at the same time. The result is a team that’s prepared and able to work ahead to ensure vacation time doesn’t hurt productivity.

4: A centralized hub for your leave management system

It’s vital you have a centralized area to see every part of your leave management system. Whether you need to update your leave policy, generate reports to identify trends, update employees’ leave balances or pass information to other departments, a vacation tracking software lets you do this quickly and easily.

What Makes Flamingo the Best Vacation Tracking Software for Modern Teams?

No data entry, no spreadsheets, no fuss

Don’t use spreadsheets or complicated HR tools to track leave. You need a leave tracker that’s fast, easy to use, and frees up your time for tasks that move the needle.

Flamingo is the most user-friendly vacation tracker tool available today. It takes just a few clicks to approve leave requests and auto-fill leaves in a convenient calendar view. You’ll save hours on your leave tracking workflow.

Seamless integration with your existing tools

You don’t need to tear it all down to add Flamingo to your workflow. Flamingo integrates with tools you already use, such as Slack and Google Calendar.

You’ll be able to view upcoming leaves directly from your calendar, and request and approve paid time off requests without leaving Slack. Less task switching for greater efficiency.

Get set up in a few minutes

It couldn’t be easier to set up Flamingo’s vacation tracker in Slack. Simply add your team members, customize your leave policy, import your holidays and you’re ready to go.

In the time it takes your morning coffee to brew, you’ll be ready to track time off in your company.

Build for modern companies

Don’t be stuck in the past, using the same software and processes that bloated, outdated companies use.

Modern teams are agile. They move fast, they’re location-independent, and they’re not held back by processes and red tape.

Flamingo is built for modern teams, by a modern team. We know what it’s like to be a location-independent startup, and we’ve built a team that has everything remote teams need to stay on top of scheduling and be productive.

Run a more productive team with Flamingo.

Flamingo’s vacation tracker streamlines leave management, letting you spend less time managing paid time off and more time growing your business

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Key Features of Our Slack Vacation Tracker

Flamingo makes your life easier, right out of the box. Here are the top features that make Flamingo a must-use tool for your Slack team.

Zero-Friction Vacation Requests

Request and approve leaves in just a few clicks. No more stress and anxiety when it comes to asking for a day off.

Intuitive Vacation Tracker Dashboard

See, at a glance, which employees have leave coming up, and make sure the work still gets done.

Slack Notifications

Managers get a message as soon as leave requests come in. Customize daily/weekly notifications to a Slack channel to keep everyone in the loop.

Multiple Leave Types

Flamingo fits your team and leave policy. Set up and customize multiple leave types, from sick leave to sabbaticals. Half days too.

Custom Teams and Locations

Set up unique teams for different departments, each with their own leave policies and managers, as well as separate locations for teams or employees located worldwide.

Per-Person Settings

Personalize Flamingo as much as you want. You can give each employee a unique leave policy, adjust their work week, add to their leave balance, and more.

Deep and Extensive Reporting

Extensive reporting gives you all the information you need, right at your fingertips. View reports in the web app, download and export as a CSV, or pull up reports within Slack using custom slash commands.

Calendar Sync

If you rely on calendar apps to run your schedule, we’ve got you. You can sync leaves from Flamingo with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar, to fit your existing workflow.

Sub-5 Minute Setup

It takes just a few minutes to get set up on Flamingo. There’s barely anything for staff and managers to learn, and you can build a better leave management system in the time it takes to brew a coffee.

“I truly love the leave dashboard and I’ve synced it with Google Calendar so I know when everyone is gone, that’s my favorite feature (plus end of year audits)”

Dan Andrews/TropicalMBA

The Modern Team’s Vacation Tracker

Ten years ago, everyone used paper vacation request forms, spreadsheets and manual data entry, or high-powered, high-complexity HR systems that took months to learn how to use.

Today, teams need a tool that’s easy to use, simple to set up, and makes your life more straightforward, not more complex.

Flamingo is that tool. It’s built for today’s teams, by a modern, agile startup that knows how companies today operate. We created the perfect tool to help your team take vacation time without it hurting productivity, and without creating complicated process and slowing your team down.

Try it today – reduce burnout, save time, and boost company culture with Flamingo.

Try Flamingo’s Vacation Tracker for Free Today

It takes just a few minutes to set up Flamingo and see how it helps your business. It’s free to try – no credit card required.

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