The Absence Tracker Built For Your Team

Flamingo’s absence tracker software is made for modern, people-focused teams. It works within your existing workflow, and makes it easy to run a team of healthy and productive superstars.

What Modern Teams Need from an Absence Tracker

Don’t use outdated absence tracking systems. You need an absence tracker built for today’s businesses. Here’s what modern companies need in an absence tracker software.

Cutting out busywork

Busywork is that unproductive, time-consuming work that often falls on HR teams. There’s no reason to spend hours on manual data entry in 2023. An absence tracker can automate all of this, freeing up the time of your top people to spend on tasks that move the needle.

Meeting your team where they are

Task switching and jumping between multiple platforms kills focus, momentum and productivity. You want your absence tracker to integrate with your existing workflow, to minimize task switching and maintain precious headspace.

Tracking planned and unplanned absences

Your business has planned absences (vacation, PTO, parental leave) and unplanned absences (sick leave, non-attendance). Your absence tracker should be able to track all absence types, and be customizable to fit your business and its needs.

Keeping everyone in the loop

Business can’t stop when absences happen. Keeping the team in the loop and informed of upcoming absences ensures you can plan ahead, cover all your bases, and keep things moving.

In-depth reporting

Whether you’re looking for absenteeism trends, attendance trends, or employees who don’t take enough leave, you need deep and flexible reporting at your fingertips to pinpoint these trends and take action. This is where the capabilities of an absence tracker software truly come to the fore, and becomes invaluable to your HR department.

How Flamingo Works

Flamingo is a flexible and easy to use absence tracker that works within Slack. It’s designed to make your absence tracking processes more straightforward, not more complex, as many overcomplicated software solutions do.

Here’s how it works:

Set up your teams and leave polices. You can add custom leave types, with custom limits and rollover settings, as well as set up different teams for different departments or branches within your company.

Request leave or add absences within Slack. Employees can ask for time off without leaving Slack, and managers can approve or deny absence requests in one click, as well as adding any unplanned absences the same way.

Track everything in a central hub. Whether it’s in the Slack hub or the web app, employees and managers have all the information they need in one convenient place.

Notify team members of upcoming absences with automatic Slack notifications, as well as a smart calendar sync with all major calendar apps.

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Key Features of Flamingo’s Absence Tracking Software

Slack Integration

Flamingo is built from the ground up for Slack, allowing you to run your whole leave management and absence tracking process in your existing workflow.

Slack Hub

All information is available in the Flamingo Slack app. Employees can view their past and upcoming leaves and outstanding leave balance, and managers can view all absences in just a few clicks.

Web App

The Flamingo web app makes planning and reporting even easier. The app features a birds-eye view absence calendar, viewable by month or year, along with intuitive reporting.

Custom Teams

Set up custom teams, each with their own settings, managers, notifications and and leave policies.

Flexible Leave Policies

Customize it to fit your existing leave policy. Add any kind of leave type, from maternity leave to military service. It also supports half days.

Multiple Locations

Flamingo is built with hybrid, remote and location-independent teams in mind. You can add multiple locations, each with their own public holidays, and apply these locations to a team or individual.

Calendar Integration

Sync leaves from Flamingo with calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook, to ensure you’re always informed.

Customizable Notifications

Set up and customize daily and/or weekly notifications to a Slack channel, with all upcoming leaves and holidays the team needs to know about.

Easy Reporting

You’ve got all the data and reporting you need, right at your fingertips. Pull up reports from the web app, or in Slack with slash commands, or download and export reports as a CSV.

“I truly love the leave dashboard. I’ve synced it with Google Calendar so I know when everyone is gone – that’s my favorite feature (plus end of year audits)”

Dan Andrews/TropicalMBA

How Flamingo Builds More Productive Teams

Flamingo saves time for your HR department, reduces stress for both managers and employees, and creates a culture where absences don’t derail productivity.

Employees need time off to stay happy, healthy and engaged at work. Planned absences like vacation time and parental leave, as well as unplanned absences like sick leave and personal days, are unavoidable in today’s workplaces.

Flamingo’s employee absence tracker gives you the tools to stay on top of scheduling as staff take their annual leave and PTO. It keeps everyone informed, and builds a frictionless process that’s easy on everyone at every step of the ladder.

When you use Flamingo, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on the kind of tasks that take your business to the next level.

Try Flamingo for Free

Flamingo is the absence tracker app built for today’s companies. It’s free to try, with no credit card required, fast and simple set up. Try it out in your team today.

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